Lu in actionDr. de Oliveira has taught courses in higher education, K-12, and foreign language contexts to a number of different target groups, including EABs, elementary and secondary teachers of EABs, ESL teachers, social studies teachers, high school students, EFL students, preservice and in-service general education teachers, and administrators. Her graduate courses included “Seminar in Genre Studies” and several variable topics seminars in literacy, including “Teacher Education for Social Justice,” for which she received a Diversity Fellows Program award at Purdue University. Both of these courses led to book projects.




In all of her graduate courses, she helps students navigate academia and develop as academic writers, providing much needed support in academic writing, supports that often go unrecognized. She has worked closely with undergraduate students, graduate students, and teachers from diverse backgrounds in California, Indiana, New York, Florida, and Brazil. She has constantly worked with students from diverse backgrounds, including immigrants and international students. She is multilingual and multicultural and uses English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish on a daily basis

She has mentored graduate students on research projects and presentations at conferences, many of whom were presenting for the first time. She has co-presented with students at state, national, and international conferences and has co-authored articles and chapters with them (students’ names are underlined in CV).

Over the past 12 years, Dr. de Oliveira has Chaired or Co-Chaired 12 dissertation committees and currently Chair seven others. Her doctoral advisees have come from various countries, including Brazil, China, Haiti, Honduras, Russia, and Taiwan, and different regions within the U.S., such as Indiana, Maine, Kentucky, California, New York, and West Virginia. Most of her U.S. students have been first-generation college students and the first in their families to get a Ph.D. Dr. de Oliveira has been a member of 22 dissertation committees, an external evaluator for the University of Sydney and University of Melbourne, and an external committee member for the University of Delaware.